Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nearly 7 months! !

As you remember I quit smoking on 12th of September last year. Well I have still quit!

I sometimes still get the odd craving but like I've said before its not the same types of craving. It's more of 'I really fancy' but then you remember the nasty taste and smell especially if your stood by someone who smokes.

My taste buds are still changing somethings like processed foods I don't like which is a good thing. I have actual changed my opinions on things I never did like Brussel sprouts, I crave more fish?? Even seafood sticks! I have never been a big fish fan but now I love it. There are loads of things now have changed.

The downs sides (well its good in a way because it's making me healthier) is how it is made me ill for most the winter! I have had constant coughs and colds, tingling in fingers, blocked sinuses and tingling sensations around my head, bleeding from my gums, dizziness, I hate to say it but I have had depression and more panic attacks and get stressed more easily, random muscle spasms and eye twitching, ear problems, obviously weight gain. These are not so great but all are linked to quiting smoking.

You know smoking is bad but you never think that your going to get all this. My doctor has been a saint through this! But I am so glad I have now!

I have always tried not to be one of those preachy ex smoker people but after going through all of this it kind of makes you worried for the people around you.