Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Poorly pony

So a fortnight ago pregnant mama (Calli) decided to throw a spanner into the scheme of things. She decided to have a bout of mild colic just for the the heck of it.
Luckily we got there early enough so she had some pain killers and relaxant, plus a rectal exam. Everything seems to be ok and from what the vet could feel the uterus was fine.
Talk about scary times. It was awful seeing her like that as much as you want to tell them things are ok and that your there for them you can't.
She just looked so uncomfortable. She even rested her head on me for comfort until the vet came. Poor mite.
The vet said it could of been a hundred and one things as nothing in her routine had changed and nothing was stressing her out. So its hard to pin point what could of caused it.
I just hope it doesn't happen again!